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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn Since 2008

Pitt Meadows Track Days offers a fun and safe "no walls" track to all motorcyclists who want to accelerate their riding skills and techniques through coaching and practice sessions to become safer and more confident riders.

Nancy Joyce


& President

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Our Story

After learning to ride in 2001 through Randy's motorcycle rider school, Nancy became involved with the sport, touring and racing community. Randy and Nancy founded a race team called Team AFTICA (Another Fun Toy I Can't Afford) and that was a catalyst for setting up track days - after attending a disorganized and dangerous track event where one of the team members was injured.


After participating in several track coaching sessions south of the Canadian border Nancy saw a need for an event that was street motorcycle friendly and gave riders a chance to better their skills at a location away from traffic and the hazards street riding it posed (dogs, pedestrians, cars, gravel, etc). As Nancy knew Randy was a safety-oriented instructor she approached him to assist in the track layouts and coaching at the Pitt Meadows Track Days at the Pitt Meadows Airport.


With safety always front and centre, Nancy and Randy provide riders the opportunity to practice their skills in a no walls, and safe place. As there weren't enough places locally for street riders to practice more advanced riding skills in a controlled environment with coaching available, this was a good opportunity for becoming a better rider.


Together Nancy Joyce and Randy Cook have presented motorcycle practice and track days at the Justice Institute Traffic Safety Centre since 2008, and continue to provide coaching for new riders, racers, and everyone in between, or just come out for the track day. Nancy will look after your registration, and will provide basic coaching and Randy is in charge of track design and setup, and will provide an evaluation of your riding and coaching if you ask.


What to expect at a Pitt Meadows Track Day

We provide a large area with a cone course set up that promises to be a fun and challenging course so you can learn precise throttle control, smooth acceleration shifting, hard braking, and improved cornering skills through sighting, weight shift and line selection. Through consultation with you, Nancy will assign a group suitable to your skills and experience from relaxed to expert (or check our explanation for each group on this site). As your skills and confidence increase you may be moved up to a more advanced group to accommodate further development.


After an on-site technical/safety inspection of your bike and gear, there is a mandatory rider’s meeting and there you will be introduced to the course layout. Randy or another Safety Rider will lead initial rides and demonstrate line choice, circulating through the group to assist in speed management, braking and setup for corners. Between sessions Randy or Nancy will offer recommendations based on observations during your sessions, as well as from feedback from our Safety Riders. On some track days you will be able to book coaching sessions with some of the expert racing community to help you focus on specific skills to aid in your riding improvement.


What we do on site
  • Chalk talks – Randy will present to the new riders to Pitt Meadows Track Days (ab initio and Relaxed Groups between sessions)

How many sessions do you get?
  • THREE 15-minute MORNING sessions

  • THREE 15-minute AFTERNOON sessions


Note: If there are delays in sessions due to an incident on track your sessions may be shortened

Meet The Team

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