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Advice for Trackday Riders

The following information is provided by Spero Benias as a recommendation if you want to get the best experience from track days, from your Pitt Meadows Track Day experience to any other tracks you attend.


1. Work on your fitness:

  • Riding/racing a motorcycle on track is a very physically demanding activity.

  • Use weight training, cardio training, pilates, yoga, etc to build strength, endurance, flexibility & balance – legs & core are two key areas to target for riding a motorcycle on track.

  • Most pro motorcycle racers around the world use cycling in their training programs.

  • Follow a good training schedule and stay committed to it – some people say that their legs feel sore after a day of track riding, if that happens to be the day you’re supposed to train legs so be it, get it done.

  • Load up on carbs & drink lots of water the day/night before a trackday/race.

  • In the morning of the trackday/race be sure to have a good breakfast and drink lots of water again. Why so much water you ask?...the idea is to pre-hydrate yourself so you will be a lot less likely to become dehydrated at the track.

  • Bring plenty of food & water to the track like fruit, veggies, sandwiches, healthy sports bars, etc – stay away from energy drinks as they may give you a quick energy boost BUT the usual energy crash follows.

2. Make sure your motorcycle is 100% (DIY or have a shop check everything):

  • Have you read your owner’s manual – read it front to back.

  • Clean your motorcycle – Tech Inspectors like clean bikes!

  • Make sure your motorcycle fits YOU – adjust the position of levers, clipons, footpegs & foot controls so you are comfortable. (new street riders usually never have this done and for example, the levers are set too high)

  • Check tire pressures & inspect tires for wear, cuts, or foreign objects.

  • Check brake pad wear & bleed brakes if lever feels spongy.

  • Check motor oil level & look for any motor oil leaks.

  • Check chain slack – a bit loose is better than a bit tight.

  • Check for correct amount of throttle freeplay, smooth actuation & that throttle snaps back in all handlebar positions.

  • Check for correct amount of clutch lever freeplay.

  • Bounce motorcycle to check for smooth suspension travel – look for any fork/shock oil leaks.

  • Check coolant level in overflow bottle – if empty check level in radiator – look for any leaks.

  • Check that steering head bearings are not too loose or too tight.

  • Check that battery has good voltage and that electrical system is charging battery while motor is running.

  • Make sure all nuts, bolts & fasteners are tight.

  • Make a list of stuff you need to bring to the track and check it twice.

  • If you are transporting your bike for the first time, make sure you’ve packed your key – hiding a spare somewhere is always a good idea in case it gets misplaced at the track.

  • Pit tent, table & chairs, pit bicycle if desired

  • Extra fuel, chain lube, oil, brake fluid, air compressor (small type that plugs in a vehicle is sufficient)

  • Essential tools: tire pressure gauge, wrenches/sockets in 8,10,12,14,17mm, Allen keys/sockets in 3,4,5,6,8mm, phillips/flathead screwdrivers, crescent wrench, pliers, side cutters, utility knife, duct tape, masking tape, etc.

  • Spare parts bin: shift levers, brake levers/pedals, clutch levers, footpegs, rearsets, bar ends, frame sliders, rear stand spools, etc.

3. Before your first session of the day:

  • Double check tire pressures – ask tire vendor(s) at the track for recommended pressures for your brand/type of tires.

  • Get heart pumping a bit – run on the spot, squats, jumping jacks, etc. - Do some stretching to limber up.

  • Tell yourself that you are not in a hurry to ride fast – work up to speed gradually, you have all day.

  • Relax and just have fun!



Racing Sponsors: Modern Motorcycling, Suzuki Canada, Mspeed Performance, Pirelli, OPP Racing, Lightech, Flexi-glass, MAS Dyno, RMR Suspensions


Work On Your Fitness
Make Sure Your Motorcycle
Before Your First Session

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